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Benefits Overview

CMI is excited to offer a competitive benefits package, available to our Consultants as of their date of hire:

Life Insurance
: Regardless of whether you participate in Cost Management’s group medical insurance plan, described below, so long as you are an active employee of Cost Management, life insurance in the amount of $15,000.00 is provided to you at no charge, upon your completion of a life insurance application.

Direct Deposit: Cost Management’s payroll is done electronically, therefore, your weekly paycheck will be directly deposited into up to 3 different checking or savings accounts specified by you. You will also be able to view your pay stubs on-line weekly – no more paper check / check stubs will be sent to your home.

401(k):  So long as you are an active employee, you may contribute to Cost Management’s 401(k) plan on a tax-deferred basis. As a participant, your total deferrals in any taxable year may not exceed a dollar limit which is set by law

529 College Savings Program:  So long as you are an active employee you may contribute tax-deferred earnings to your account, with a minimum of $50 per month. The contributions can be used for higher education by you or your children at any U.S. institution.

Health Care:    While you are an active employee, you may be eligible to participate in Cost Management’s group health/medical insurance. The plans currently offered are through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  So long as you are an active employee, we will continue to make a contribution towards your monthly premium.  You must work a minimum of 30 hours a week to be eligible for this benefit. If you are eligible to participate, the effective date of coverage is your date of hire.

AFLAC: Cost Management offers a variety of great plans through AFLAC, inclusive of dental, vision, accidental injury, short-term disability, term life, hospital confinement, specified disease and critical illness insurance. All these plans are completely voluntary to our employees - you may enroll in any or all of them AND take them with you if/when your assignment with CMI ends. 

Direct Dental Reimbursement Plan:
   After you have worked 560 hours in a year, and so long as you are an active employee, you are eligible for reimbursement of dental expenses incurred by you and/or your family members during such year, up to a maximum of $500.00 in the aggregate.  Simply provide us with your paid dental bills and we will reimburse you directly.

Referral:  You will be eligible to receive a referral fee, for every individual referred by you for employment with Cost Management, if that individual is not currently an active candidate of Cost Management’s, and (i) if the candidate is employed by Cost Management within twelve (12) months following the date of such referral, and (ii) works a minimum of 480 hours as an employee of Cost Management, or takes a headcount position at one of our Clients. The amount of such referral bonus is $1,000.00 if you are an active Cost Management employee, or $500.00 if you are not a current employee of Cost Management.

Paid Vacation Time:
  You will earn .04 vacation hours for each hour worked by you as an employee of Cost Management..  Although you may take vacation days as soon as you have accrued them, you may be required to schedule your vacation time with the consent of the client company for whom you are then providing services. Please note that if you have unused accrued vacation time at the time your employment with Cost Management terminates, other than a termination for cause, Cost Management will pay you for all such accrued time. 

Paid Holiday Time: You will accrue paid holiday time at the rate of  .02 hours for each hour worked by you as an employee of Cost Management.  Accrued paid holiday time can be used by you for any holiday (e.g. Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July) with respect to which the client company at which you are providing services is closed for business.  

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